Friday, February 10, 2006

Why Jimmy Carter Needs To Shut Up

Jimmy Carter's surveillance/wire tapping comment, made while addressing the attendees of the Coretta Scott King memorial service, was surely a left-handed (pun appropriate, but not intended) shot at the Bush administration. Tossing protocol to the wind, Carter's game for taking cheap shots at a sitting president, but he seems to forget his own role in the turmoil we now find ourselves in. You will recall that one of the high profile events of the Carter administration was the Iran Hostage affair. If Carter was one third the president he should have been (or the left claims he was), Iran would have been dealt with summarily and conclusively for taking US diplomats and military personnel hostage (an act of war). If the situation was addressed as it should have been, with the full weight of the US military, something tells me we wouldn't be groping around in a post 9-11 world worrying about dirty bombs, an 'addiction' to Middle East oil or the cartoon-hedeen. If I were Jimmy Carter, I'd keep my big mouth shut about wire taps and hope that history didn't catch up with me until after Alzheimer's did.