Tuesday, February 07, 2006

“to hell with them hawks”


Rich Lowry of NationalReview.com has an interesting angle on what might become the post-Bush foreign policy.


Essentially what he describes are hawks that no longer believe that Arab or muslim democracy is really something that can be implemented on a wide scale. Either a lack of belief or perhaps a lack of zeal. I think it's clear that Iraq has sapped the will of many pro-Invasion Americans. Not because of the terrorism that still happens in Iraq but because even after all of the sacrifices and the incredible amounts of money spent much of Iraq and the muslim world continues to be a pustulant cesspit.

Frankly it's clear that the next two years will determine the post-Bush foreign policy. If Iraq can be turned around then perhaps there won't be a complete abandonment of a foreign policy based on creating democracies in the muslim world. But my estimate is that most people are just sick and tired of bleeding for muslims.

It's time that either muslims stood up and started acting like adults and dealing with their problems or it's becoming clear that it's time to stop the nation-building and being the nation-destroying.