Sunday, January 01, 2006

Gun Rights Round-Up ~ New Years Edition

Happy New Year everybody! Let's start things off by having a look at one of my favorite glaring examples of gun control stupidity: Canada

As Canadian liberal pols are poised to waste more money on advancing their failed gun control state, they've also adopted a new and novel slogan: Blame America

Gosh, I really hope they didn't have to pay Mike Moore a consulting fee for that one.

OK, moving from one freak show to another... MTV: Is MTV fair to gun owners?? Apparently not without the liberal sub-text.
MTV is banned in my house, so I didn't see the show (personally, I blame MTV for the fact that American youth culture resembles the 8th Circle of Hell and IMHO, the sooner this 'network' is forced into chapter 11, the better).

Paul McCartney's source for animal activism: Bambi!?!?
OK, so you predicate your activism on a cartoon? Too many drugs, Paul... too many drugs.

Back to reality, here is a very interesting concealed carry dialogue. It illustrates how the rank-and-file lack a substantive grasp of the concepts of self-protection and self -empowerment. Who needs Tony Robbins when we have Sam Colt???

Since I understand the modus operandi of the Bolshevik mainstream media, it never surprises me when the isolated school or place-of-employment shooting grabs national headlines while at the same time, the common occurrence of armed citizens acting in their own self-defense isn't worth mentioning outside the local scope. So, for the troglodytes who still don't get it, for the liberal social-istas who want to disarm us and for the simple-minded 'centerists' who think shotguns for trap & skeet are OK, but handguns should be outlawed, there are these real news headlines:

Robbery Victim Shoots Suspect

Gas Station Clerk Shoots, Kills Robbery Suspect

Man Held in Burglary

Homeowner Shoots Suspect in Home Invasion

Homeowner Fires Shots, Foiling Burglary Attempt

Citizens Help Catch Bank Robber

Police Say Homeowner Shot One, Others Scatter

Shootout Kills Man, Wounds Two Deputies

Two Men Wounded in Home Invasion

A Case of Life or Self-Defense

(hat-tip, Evan Nappen)

As you read these articles, you begin to realize the logical conclusion: the ability to arm ourselves results in the ability to protect ourselves. The underlying message being that while citizens are rightfully able to bear arms, we then become law enforcement resources when we chose to do so.

meanwhile, stuff like this is never reported.

Finally, lets check in with the second amendment for a little perspective.