Friday, December 16, 2005

Weekend Gun Rights Round-Up

Hunters & Anti-Hunters: While Canadian Enviro-weenies are busy buying up huge tracts of land in order to deny resources to hunters, American hunters are credited with helping save what was thought to be an extinct species.

In other Great White North news: Rank-and-file Canadians know gun control BS when they hear it.

More-on New Orleans: Crimestoppers Inc. has offered a reward for any of the 600 odd firearms looted during the hurricanes. We all know how effective buy-back schemes are, but here's a suggestion – how about offering a reward for the looters??

Tin Foil Hat Alert: Seattle Chief-of-Police really likes gun-control, but can't control his own piece. Read the whole thing.

and what the heck is Bush thinking???

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

MSM Misleads on Australian Confrontations??

Big-lib-media would have you believe the recent public troubles in Australia were caused by skin heads or neo-Nazis, but Tim Blair (page down to 'FARE ENOUGH') provides a very interesting perspective on the Australian 'race attacks'. Could it be that it was only a matter of time before Australians responded?

Time To Turn Up The Heat

Now This Is What We Need To See More Of...

Iraqi voter Betty Dawisha has some travel suggestions for the leftist lemming lobby. Good advice. In fact, she would make an excellent replacement for one of the worthless RINOs who do nothing but bring the party down (McCain, Bloomberg, etc...).

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Gun Control Round Up

Toronto mayor wants total ban on all handguns. Chanting the all-too-familiar liberal elite mantra 'handguns kill people', as if some supernatural force is able to possess my Model 1911 and cause it to hop down the street shooting innocent bystanders all by itself, mayor Miller blunders forth seemingly oblivious to one of the reasons the liberals just lost power in Canada. Read the whole article. This related article, convinces me that Canadian politicians need two things: a mirror and a good psychiatrist.


Canadians weigh in here, here and here.

LA County Sheriffs Department embarks on gun-return taxation scheme. It's going to cost you over 50 bucks to get your 'seized' firearm back - even if legally owned and not associated with a crime. Looks like revenue generation trumps the Second Amendment and private property rights.
"I would say it's communism," said Gene Fister, 70. "But taking something that belongs to someone else and charging them to get it back -- it's worse. It's stealing."

... you can say that again.

And for anybody that still doesn't get it, the Second Amendment 'means what is says'.