Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!

While ivory tower morons like this are busy demonizing the early colonists, it should be noted that things weren't all peace & love & let's all sing prior to the 'European invasion'. Quite to the contrary, Native American tribes were busy killing each other off with inter-tribal warfare and torture long before 'the white man' arrived on the scene. Forcing their captives to each their own flesh as it was cut from their bodies, skinning alive, burning alive and being staked to the ground so that forest critters could eat you alive are just a few examples of the unique and creative agonies they customarily visited upon each other. Revenge killing was common, slavery was widespread and inter-tribal warfare was perpetual. And yet our delusional, arrogant and deceptive friends on the left would have you believe that the trouble all started when white people arrived. I would venture to say that the European arrival in North America helped bring all these barbaric practices to an end. Lord knows how many Native American lives were saved by the arrival of our forefathers. That's just one more reason to have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

(hat tip: Michelle Malkin)