Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Gun Rights 'At Issue' In The UN

American gun owners need to be very aware of the ongoing UN efforts to abridge the second amendment. In this respect, Senator Vitter's Second Amendment Protection Act of 2005 deserves every measure of our support. In reading the Newhouse article, the arguments presented by the anti-rights groups are full of the usual truck-sized holes, but one in particular is worth mentioning here:

Wendy Cukier, president of Canada's Coalition to End Gun Violence, said the issue is a priority to the United States' northern and southern neighbors because 80 percent of gun crimes committed in Mexico and 50 percent in Canada involve guns that originated in the United States. Strong gun control laws in Mexico and Canada, she said, are being undermined by lax laws in the United States.

"The United States never hesitates to impose standards on other countries: pushing Canada to strengthen its border controls in the fight on terrorism and for Mexico and Central American countries to reduce the flow of drugs north across the border," Cukier said. "But it won't take steps to reduce the flow of guns outside the United States, and that's a big problem in Canada and Mexico."

Really Ms. Cukier? Not according to this article:

Mexico’s strict gun control laws are contributing to an illegal gun market and easier access to weapons, according to U.S. law enforcement officials that are close observers of a recent upswing in border violence.

So, as observed by real law enforcement officers who track this activity for a living, it's the oppressive gun control that's actually to blame for the increase in crime. But I suppose you'd like us to ignore law enforcement studies and accept the word of the UN and their anti-rights bed mates instead? Would that be the 'Oil For Food Scandal' UN or the 'UN Sex Abuse Scandal' UN? Oh, I forgot... it's all the same UN! And would that be the same anti-rights groups that promised British gun owners that their legally owned firearms were not in danger of confiscation?? Hmmmm....