Sunday, May 29, 2005

Arizona Gun Safety Curriculum Under Fire

Arizona schools will add a safe firearms handling course into the curriculum. This wonderful idea would give any student who’s inclined to pick up a firearm some background on safe and responsible gun etiquette. But critics like Dr. Mary Rimsza, director of ASU’s Student Health Center, don’t agree. “I'm afraid these programs are really geared more toward increasing peoples interest in guns rather than safety.” But wait just a second, Doc. If you assume that, therefore you also have to assume that sex education classes are really geared more toward increasing people’s interest in sex rather than preventing sexually transmitted disease and unwanted pregnancy, right? But that can't be, since the education establishment is constantly telling us that sex-ed is all about the safety of the students and it’s never about the sex. So why can't a firearms safety course exist solely for the safety of the students? I think perhaps Arizona needs another course of study added. One on how to identify hypocrisy. And it should be mandatory for Dr. Rimsza and the rest of her colleagues in academic snobbery. After all, teaching professionals shouldn't go through life with one foot in their mouths.