Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Minuteman Project Has Positive Impact

The AP story is predictably negative, but the Minuteman Project is having very positive results: decreased illegal entries in the areas patrolled by the volunteers. No big surprise there. According to a Border Patrol spokesman, part of the reason for the decrease is the presence of the Mexican Army just across the Mexican border. Well, so then it's proof positive that a military presence on the border would eliminate illegal entries!! The Border Patrol also has issues with the Minutemen, specifically the fact that they are setting off monitoring sensors along the border forcing the agents to respond (hey Border Patrol guys, you knew they were going to be there. Wouldn't it have made sense to alert them to the locations of the sensors???). By the way, why is the Mexican Army on alert just over the border? Do they expect to be invaded by the Minutemen? I would love to know what the general orders for those units are.