Monday, March 21, 2005

'Minuteman' Moonbatted

Here we go again. 'Minuteman' organizer Jim Gilchrist is under protest from the Moonbat fringe. Orange County Register reports Gilchrist's home is the site the protesters have chosen to target for their typical hate-speech. According to the mostly UC Riverside protesters, Gilchrist is a 'domestic terrorist', 'white supremacist racist' and KKK supporter. Typical rhetoric of the liberal social elite. Whenever someone has a divergent opinion, abandon all pretense of thoughtful debate and start hurling the Nazi epithets. Never mind the fact that Gilchrist is only attempting to call attention to the fact that our own laws aren't being enforced. According to protest organizer Jesse Diaz, Gilchrist “will not go unfettered and challenged”. Huh? Diaz must be a member of the Teddy Kennedy public speaking society.