Thursday, October 14, 2004

Enemy at The Gates

So, as if 8,000 illegal immigrants streaming across the US/Mexico border per day isn't bad enough, now it seems we're looking for a bunch of Chechans too (you know, the folks who brought you the Beslan school massacre?). US investigators are following up on intel that indicates 20 to 25 Chechans back-packed their way across the Arizona frontier from Mexico. How nice. I'll say this: if one attack on American soil is perpetrated by terrorists who came across the border via Mexico, Bush can forget about a second term. It's mystifying to me how someone so dedicated to defeating terrorism could be so oblivious when it comes to the question of illegal immigration and border security. The problem is, the lessons of Beslan have not been learned by Americans. But they have been learned by other Chechans. Chechans like the ones that just slithered across the border, unopposed and unhindered.