Friday, October 01, 2004

Democrat Kabuki

A few things are clear as a result of last night’s presidential debate: 1 - President Bush wasn’t on top of his game. And 2 - John Kerry will, as commander-in-chief, govern America by world consensus. Kerry’s mad as hell because he says America went into Iraq unilaterally (uh, excuse me, but what’s the total count of nations involved in Iraq now? 30-something?) and he would have us believe his ‘plan’ to deal with terrorism would bring the world together (cue the Coca Cola ‘I’d Like to Teach The World to Sing’ marketing jingle). Meanwhile, Kerry would go into the Sudan ‘unilaterally’ and then he would enter into negotiations with North Korea ‘unilaterally’. Hmmm. Kerry doesn’t like unilateralism, but then he does, or maybe it’s fine as long as Kerry's the one being unilateral? Unfortunately, part of the Kerry ‘plan’ would consist of him prostrating himself before the rhetoric monkeys of the UN, where he would proceed to shred American civil liberties by adopting unacceptable UN-sponsored treaties in exchange for some degree of tepid support in Iraq. Sorry Mr. Kerry, but no dice. Why not tell us more about your abysmal senate record? Or better yet, why don’t you tell us if, as commander-in-chief, you would support America’s troops the same way you supported your comrades when you returned from Vietnam?