Wednesday, October 27, 2004

New Jersey Politics, Drugs, Money & George Soros

Just when you think New Jersey politics can't get worse, it does. The latest flap involves who else but our own Governor 'Gay American' Jim McGreevey. This time, he's gone against bi-partisan opinion to ram through a state-wide needle exchange program. Citing gubernatorial mechanisms put in place during WWII and designed for emergency use during war-time crisis, the Governor has now managed to disenfranchise the legislature, who's function it is to do precisely what McGreevey went around them to do on his own. And this after the legislature heard both arguments and determined the needle exchange was a bad idea. What's behind it all? Money and influence for starters and George Soros' Drug Policy Alliance, in particular. That's right, the UN loving, Bush hating, Kerry funding, anti-second amendment liberal-socialist billionaire's organization has apparently been throwing money around in New Jersey where it gets the most bang: in the offices of our elected officials. This has the makings of a real controversy, so keep your eyes on this one....

Friday, October 22, 2004

The Jeer Hunter

The Kerry 'hunting photo op' pictures really had me on the floor. The senator has clearly spent as much time hunting as I have on stage dancing 'The Nutcracker'. Closely examine his expression in the photos and you can almost hear him think "OK, now which end goes towards the bird again"? At the end of the day, we have a heavily choreographed hunt (with the media types situated at appropriate locations for optimal footage) and we have Kerry traipsing around in hunting gear that looks like it's been used uh... once. Other than the lefty looser demographic, is anybody buying this?? Funny thing is, it seems he's played this game before. His last hunting photo op consisted of a wounded VC he 'ran down' and killed. Since it seems the unfortunate VC was willing to surrender, one has to wonder if Kerry is indeed a war criminal after all?

'Stolen Honor' & Free Speech That Isn't

The Sinclair Group has been effectively intimidated out of airing 'Stolen Honor' in it's entirety and at least one private theater owner has been intimidated out of showing it. Multiple Republican re-election headquarters have been bum-rushed by union goons, broken into, burgled and literally shot at. Republican re-election signs are being vandalized nationwide. I guess Democrats are so out-gunned in the arena of ideas that they feel violence and intimidation is the only option left. When confronted on the issues of abortion, affirmative action, school vouchers and welfare, the Democrat tactic of choice is to label their opponents 'Nazis'. But it certainly seems that a radical, militant, wing of the Democrat party is employing tactics right out of the brown-shirt handbook. Of course, the 'mainstream' media is giving these developments a wide berth. Figures...

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Fuzzy Catholicism

Analyze Kerry’s words from the last debate and the same old pattern of inconsistency begins to emerge. For example, Kerry thinks abortion is wrong, but won’t support legislation against it (for somebody who thinks abortion is wrong, why does he want to use taxpayer money to fund abortions and why has he stated that he will not appoint any Supreme Court judges who don’t support abortion??). He believes in the sanctity of marriage, but won’t support legislation that recognizes it (he personally voted against the Defense of Marriage Act). No Catholic, or any person of faith, can support Kerry while maintaining religious consistency. It simply can’t be done. At least not if you bother to pay attention to what comes out of Kerry’s pie-hole every time he opens it.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Enemy at The Gates

So, as if 8,000 illegal immigrants streaming across the US/Mexico border per day isn't bad enough, now it seems we're looking for a bunch of Chechans too (you know, the folks who brought you the Beslan school massacre?). US investigators are following up on intel that indicates 20 to 25 Chechans back-packed their way across the Arizona frontier from Mexico. How nice. I'll say this: if one attack on American soil is perpetrated by terrorists who came across the border via Mexico, Bush can forget about a second term. It's mystifying to me how someone so dedicated to defeating terrorism could be so oblivious when it comes to the question of illegal immigration and border security. The problem is, the lessons of Beslan have not been learned by Americans. But they have been learned by other Chechans. Chechans like the ones that just slithered across the border, unopposed and unhindered.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Free Speech, But Only For Liberal Democrats

OK, so 18 senate Democrats (and I think at least two Republicans) all sign a letter to the FCC complaining about Sinclair Broadcasting Group's airing of the Kerry critical documentary "Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal". So much for our senators preserving our free speech rights, eh?? To make matters worse, Kerry campaign people have actually made threats against the Sinclair Group. So typically 'democrat' of them. So, do you think we can expect to see similar letters and hear about similar threats made against Michael Moore? Yeah, right. I have a better chance of walking on Mars than I will of ever seeing that happen!

Friday, October 08, 2004

Election Cycle Analysis 101

As a conservative, I can say that I'm not totally satisfied with Bush's presidential performance. His liberal-like domestic spending and his absolutely stupefying position on immigration and border security are platforms that should endear Bush to every die-hard Democrat. But instead of winning the opposition over, Democrats can't wait to get him out of office. I think the reason for this is the new Republican 'big tent' strategy of bigger government, increased spending and socialization is effectively marginalizing the Democrat Party along ideological lines. Result: the extinction of the Democrat Party as we know it is looming. This explains why Kerry is doing so well. It's sure not because the Democrat challenger is a strong candidate. Kerry has no solid message (message? what message?) and he manages to possess the worst, and most liberal, record in the Senate. His veep pick, Edwards, simply has no Senate record (newsflash John: you have to actually show up for work to have a senate record). Kerry's core gain comes from the overwhelming, driving and unifying impulse to make sure Bush isn't re-elected. Meanwhile, the GOP has bent over backwards to alienate it's conservative base. This is not good for Bush, and if he expects to pull off re-election, he needs to start focusing on Kerry's poor senate record. He needs to leverage Republican strengths against Kerry's weaknesses, which isn't too difficult since Kerry is the biggest victim of his own ideology. Take the military for example (who better to judge the mettle of a commander-in-chief?). As of right now, the military favors Bush by 75%. Kerry has spent his entire political career doing everything in his power to impede America's armed forces. Its up to the GOP to exploit that. For Republicans, independents and average Americans, it's no longer a question of putting George Bush back in the White House. Its a question of keeping Kerry out of it.

Friday, October 01, 2004

Democrat Kabuki

A few things are clear as a result of last night’s presidential debate: 1 - President Bush wasn’t on top of his game. And 2 - John Kerry will, as commander-in-chief, govern America by world consensus. Kerry’s mad as hell because he says America went into Iraq unilaterally (uh, excuse me, but what’s the total count of nations involved in Iraq now? 30-something?) and he would have us believe his ‘plan’ to deal with terrorism would bring the world together (cue the Coca Cola ‘I’d Like to Teach The World to Sing’ marketing jingle). Meanwhile, Kerry would go into the Sudan ‘unilaterally’ and then he would enter into negotiations with North Korea ‘unilaterally’. Hmmm. Kerry doesn’t like unilateralism, but then he does, or maybe it’s fine as long as Kerry's the one being unilateral? Unfortunately, part of the Kerry ‘plan’ would consist of him prostrating himself before the rhetoric monkeys of the UN, where he would proceed to shred American civil liberties by adopting unacceptable UN-sponsored treaties in exchange for some degree of tepid support in Iraq. Sorry Mr. Kerry, but no dice. Why not tell us more about your abysmal senate record? Or better yet, why don’t you tell us if, as commander-in-chief, you would support America’s troops the same way you supported your comrades when you returned from Vietnam?