Monday, August 23, 2004

Politics As Usual in New Jersey

Democrat party mis-behavior in New Jersey extends back far beyond Governor McGreevey's 'Ich bin ein gay American' speech. But what's remarkable is how New Jersians lack concern for the whirlpool of corruption thats swirling around McGreevey. It doesn't seem to matter that the governor was willing to place their safety in the hands of his boy-toy, who has zero credentials in the field and isn't even a US citizen. Or that one of the governor's top fund-raisers plead guilty to tax fraud and to hiring a prostitute to entrap a federal witness and another was indicted for extortion. It also doesn't seem to matter to Bruce Springsteen or Jon Bon Jovi either, who are always fresh out of their usual moral outrage when it comes to members of their pet party. Where's with their usual screeching about 'gross abuses of power'? Why don't we hear Michael Moore wax neurotic about the McGreevey administration? The plain fact is the Bon Jovi's, MoveOn's and Moore's of the world reserve their righteous indignation for members of the opposition party and this is clear to anyone who has a few brain cells to rub together. But what about the 'people' of New Jersey? Why no public backlash from them? Why did McGreevey get a two point bump after his very public self-outing? Is it because New Jersians are collectively mind-numb to the political cesspool they actively created? Maybe their taxes aren't high enough. Maybe their state officials aren't committing enough crime. Maybe 'pay-to-play' politics is really a good thing. Then again, maybe its just Jersians getting the government they deserve.